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Photos taken with Yashica ML 50mm/2 lens at F/2, full manual focus

* The purchase

– I got this lens from ebay, it is cheap 🙂

– It’s working on my Canon camera with this adapter

* What I like:

– Metal case, built to last forever, quality of the lens seems good
– Aperture ring feels smooth, I like the “click click” sound
– It’s very sharp at F/2, this was a big surprise for me, because I was using the Canon EF 50mm F1.8, which is sharp maybe at F8, and is feels(and sounds) like broken mcdonald’s toy
– The bokeh is very nice, interesting “spinning” effect
– Colors are saturated

* What I don’t like:

– At F/11->F/16, pictures are strange, colors shades, details are missing
– Aperture ring is too close to the body, this is a a little bit annoying, but this is by design, I have to get used to it



The lens

* Photos:









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