Mara - two months old

Baby girl Mara, two months old


Having fun with Toto :)


Having fun in front of the camera :)

20 days to go

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Happy happy happy :)

Making faces.....

I love Enduro

Luca posing with his first bike

Park play :)




Smaranda II


Little singer

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The traveler

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Little chef

Luca playing in the kitchen. More images here

Little ballerina

Little ballerina, more images here


Snow princess :) More images with Maya here


Vivian playing in the kitchen with vegetables :) More images here

Boys with toys

More images with Julian here

Master of photography

Performing art with grandpa's old FED2 camera.In the background mommy and daddy before I was born :) More images here

Little pilot

Thematic photo session, WWII pilot.In the background the AVRO Lancaster heavy bomber :) More images with the little pilot here


baby boy David at 3 months old.More images with Davind on blog Prague 2012


baby's fantasy world


Baby girl Bianka one month old.More images on blog Prague 2012.


...and after 9 months, delivery.More image on blog

Four months old pregnancy

My dear wife with baby boy Luca in four months old pregnancy playing with toy car.More images on blog, Prague 2012

10 days to go

..10 days to delivery.More images on blog Prague, 2012

Waiting for a miracle

Waiting for a miracle.The start of a new life,it’s worthy to be captured in images. A pregnant woman is beautiful, touching, happy, sublime….More images on my blog Prague, 2012


Christmas, Prague 2012

Bianka - Christmas

Baby girl Bianka.More images on blog Christmas Prague 2012



My 100 years and 5 months old aunt is holding in her hands some old family picture. In the picture: mother, father, sisters..all of them dead now